Movies Watched -- I'll See You In My Dreams

Added on by C. Maoxian.

95 minute running time so within the sacred 100 minute rule, but that doesn't mean I watched it. 

So squarely aimed at upper-middle class white Boomers that it holds no interest for anyone outside that demographic. Stars an attractive widow in her late 60s, hard to say how much plastic surgery she has had, but she looks good for her age. Her dog dies, and she spends lots of time wasting the days away drinking expensive white wine or playing bridge with her widowed buddies.

Meets a handsome dopey bearded poetry major Millennial pool boy whom she is attracted to and bizarrely he is also attracted to her. Would never happen in a million years of course ... anyway, fast forwarding from 20 minutes in because I hate the movie .... she also meets the guy from The Big Lebowski who delivered that great line to The Dude, "Do you have to use so many cuss words?" She drops the pool boy for him.

Then her daughter visits, played by Bobby Flay Axe's Swedish wife from Showtime's Billions, the one who's pretty in that blonde-with-a-pudgy-face way. Old guy dies I guess. Goes back to the pool boy. Who the hell knows, or wants to know what this was all about. Red rating, avoid, unless you are a wealthy Boomer widow living in Southern California who fantasizes about the pool boy or roguish men your age with handlebar mustaches. 

Tasha Robinson got it partly right when she wrote: "the film lacks any visual snap or panache to offset the tonal and narrative blandness. At best, it’s a reasonably sweet, unchallenging character piece that won’t insult older viewers by reflecting them poorly or shallowly." ... It will only insult their intelligence.

I've added the chlorine tabs to the pool, grandma, now let go of me.

I've added the chlorine tabs to the pool, grandma, now let go of me.