Movies Watched -- Feuchtgebiete (Wetlands)

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Tries to shock and revolt and succeeds ... a gross-out story from Germany about a screwed-up girl with boyish good looks who has hemorrhoids and hasn't read Charles Willeford's classic book, "A guide for the undehemorrhoided" ... she has terrible, cruel parents (esp. her mother) which explains a lot of her behavior (spoiler: it's revealed late in the movie that the worst of her many childhood traumas was her mother's attempted suicide/filicide of her baby brother) ... but it has a sort of weirdly conventional ending.

I did watch it to the end and didn't fast forward (it is under 100 minutes) so it earns a yellow rating. Can't recommend it. I'm sure many people can't make it even ten minutes in, but if you're difficult to disgust, you might enjoy it.