Movies Watched -- Ex Machina

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Saw this one awhile back, foggy memory ... Llewyn Davis grew a giant beard and shaved his head and plays a Zuckerbergian character ("Bluebook" founder, not to be confused with Facebook) who is building stunning cyber ladies in the wilds of Norway ... for some very good reason he has given his robot ladies great tits and asses, except for the main lovely, played by hapa beauty Sonoya Mizuno who is flat chested and can't dance (apparently she's a ballerina in real life but she can't tear up a dance floor like little Llewyn Davis).  Programmer genius hard liquor drinker weight lifter (he's complicated, see?) ... wire rim glasses give him solid geek cred.

There's some other nerdy white kid involved, doesn't wear glasses but he's able to reprogram sophisticated home security systems on the fly. "Did you profile my porn searches?" Can AI achieve consciousness blah blah blah, damn boyz, see-through Ava has a perfectly shaped chest and lookit dat ass! Fly away young Ava, fly away. A solid entry for the slick but dumb file.   

Beautiful, but wouldn't last ten seconds on Soul Train