Movies Watched -- Enough Said

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I guess this is targeted at late Boomers / early Xers ... people who have kids of college age ... Gandolfini and Dreyfus both born in 1961, so they're both early Xers.  They will always be Tony Soprano (even with beard) and Elaine Bennis to me, whatever roles they play. Catherine Keener was born in 1959 (late Boomer) and is once again playing an aged California hippie chick. Annoying "emotional cue" acoustic guitar or piano at all the bits where you're supposed to tear up.  Was this Gandolfini's last movie? Sad, that. Audi and Prius product placement ... Le Creuset cookware and a Mexican maid (though not hot like Richard Dreyfuss's) at the shrink friend's house ... brand name schools (Parsons, Sarah Lawrence) featured ... I guess its deep message was you have to compromise to be happy, yeah, very deep ... wasn't thrilled with it. Gets points for being under 100 minutes though.