Movies Watched -- Endless Poetry (2017)

Added on by C. Maoxian.

In Spanish. 128 minute running time so at least 30 minutes too long. In fact it's about 128 minutes too long and should have been titled Endless Absurdity, Assurdità Sin Fin. Jodo is a lovable loon, but two hours of autobiographical performance art tests the patience of even the most steadfast devotees of small 'A' art. Full red "avoid" for the folks in Omaha.

Ben Sachs: "...  if you consider Jodorowsky's work excessive and mannered, you'll probably find this to be a slog." | The "if" made me laugh out loud. 

Brian Gibson: "It’s not endless, but it can often seem insufferable." | Not "can often seem" but "always is."

Blood is sacred!

Blood is sacred!