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128 minutes so at least 30 minutes too long. This was on my list of 80 "non-documentary" movies to watch from 2015 since it was mis-categorized at Rotten Tomatoes as "Art House," instead of "Documentary," so I've removed it from that list. Anyway, I like a few Amy Winehouse songs, and I did recognize her talent the *first* time I heard her (one of those stop-everything-who-is-*that*-singing moments), so I was interested in watching this.

She was troubled by some demons (depression, bulimia, etc.) which gave rise to her musical brilliance, and unfortunately she was never able to balance her crazy side with her creativity (often the case). She was responsible for her demise, but her idiot boyfriend and greedy father come off especially badly in this movie. She tried to keep the demons down with booze and pot, and later some really hard drugs, but then back to booze, which I think eventually did her in. If you're interested in her music, and creative geniuses in general, you'd enjoy watching this documentary (though overly long). I don't give documentaries the green, yellow, red treatment ... they're all targeted at niche audiences.

Rex's review: "’s difficult to summon much sympathy for the depravity that drove her to a form of generic suicide."

Just a kid ... dead at 27.

Just a kid ... dead at 27.