Movies Watched -- 45 Years

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95 minutes, which is the right length. I did watch it at 2x ffwd, which I do a lot these days, since it was a talk talk talk movie. The story is about a childless English couple who are about to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary (the husband is 79, the wife is 70), when they get the news that the body of the husband's old girlfriend has been found (she died in a mountaineering accident ~50 years ago). This stirs up a lot of old memories, and the wife discovers that the husband has kept something secret from her about the woman, which sort of leads to an unraveling of the marriage. 

Charlotte Rampling looks good for 70 (natural beauty plus those vigorous morning walks with the dog), and a lot of emotion comes across her face ... she's a pro actor from England, you know. I love how her reaction to things is how any woman would react, it's honest, which is refreshing. Here's a key bit of dialogue:

Wife:  It's like she's been standing
           in the corner of the room all this time,
          - behind my back.
Husband: - Oh, come on.
Wife: And it's tainted everything.
         All our decisions, where we go
         on holiday, what books we read,
         what dog you want to choose,
         what music we want to listen to.
         And the big things, too.
         Especially the big things.
Husband: She's had nothing to do with any of that.

Find me a married man who can't relate to that conversation! There are no fireworks, but it's a pretty devastating ending. It's definitely a green for Baby Boomers and anyone older ... more of a yellow for Gen-Xers and younger, but I may kick it up to green for everyone if I can't find Ten Best for 2015. 

Who is this strange man sitting next to me?

Who is this strange man sitting next to me?