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20 all time highs 2014 10 17  

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals 
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company 
Navient Corporation 
Extra Space Storage Inc 
Domino's Pizza Inc 
Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp 
Csr Plc 
Marriot Vacations Worldwide Cor 
Mge Energy Inc 
Chimerix Inc 
Core-Mark Holding Company 
Consolidated Communications Holdings 
Anacor Pharmaceuticals 
Natus Medical Inc 
Ellie Mae Inc 
Qts Realty Trust Inc 
Safety Insurance Group 
Eros International Plc 
U.S. Physical Therapy 

Peter Hessler responds to charges of Orientalism and ethics re: his recent New Yorker piece on a Cairo garbageman -…  


Baycloud - Google, Ghostery and the limits of Ad Blocking.  

Omissions like these are inevitable with the curated list approach, because the continuously changing web and multiple techniques for data collection means the list can never be comprehensive. Moreover, organisational entropy, if not competitive challenge, will inevitably result in annoying false positives. Nevertheless, it is a mystery why a company so associated with the ecosystem of smaller AdTech companies blocks their ability to collect data more efficiently than it does their biggest competitor. Only a transparent, widely recognised indication of consent with regulatory backing, as hopefully the Do Not Track signal will become in Europe, can ensure responsible web activity collection will be widespread enough to return trust to the web, and create a level playing field where smaller companies have a chance to prosper.