China's Mobile Shoppers

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From Deutsche Bank:

iResearch recently published a report profiling mobile shoppers in China. 61% of mobile shoppers under 30 years old. Female users accounted for 60% of the total population. Some 70.3% of China's mobile shoppers use Android phones, followed by the iPhone (18%) and Windows Phone (3.7%). Approximately 56% of users transacted on a mobile more than 10 times in 2013, as compared to 46.8% in 2012. In addition, 57.6% of users paid for products and services through third-party payment channels such as Tenpay, and 18.7% of the total made the payment using mobile banking connections.
Mobile shopping market volumes reached RMB64.2b (+140.8% YoY) in 1Q2014, with mobile shopping penetration (mobile shopping as a percentage of total online shopping) increasing from 11.1% in 4Q2013 to 14.1% in 1Q2014 alone. Mobile Taobao and Tmall combined accounted for 76.4% of the total GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of the market [ed. WHO'S YOUR DADDY? BABA, THAT'S WHO] , followed by Mobile JD (6.9%) and Mobile Vipshop (2%). 
In 1Q2014, Vipshop’s mobile revenue accounted for 36% of total revenue, compared with 8% in 1Q2013. For Jumei approximately 49% of its total GMV was generated through its mobile platform in 1Q2014. Approximately 18% of JD’s fulfilled orders were placed through mobile in Mar 2014, as compared to 15% in Dec 2013.