Changes to ETF Trading Portfolio

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Been meaning to do this for awhile, but the New Year a good time to make a clean break. You can see from the correlation matrix below that there was a lot of overlap among the ETFs I followed, and many of them are now so illiquid that they are untrade-able, even on a weekly basis! 

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DUG and SCO are highly correlated with the more liquid ERY, so they both get the boot.

DXD and FAZ are highly correlated with the more liquid SDS, so those two get the boot.

MZZ is completely illiquid and highly correlated with TZA, so it gets the boot.

EPV, FXP, SMN, SRS, TYP, YCS, and ZSL are all illiquid -- all get the boot.

Even though QID is highly correlated with SDS, I'll keep it for now. 

VXX is very liquid but I prefer to keep the inverse XIV instead.

So that leaves us with: DZZ (gold), EDZ (emerging markets), ERY (energy), EUO (Euro), QID (Nasdaq 100), SDS (large caps), TBT (long treasury bond), TZA (small caps), and XIV (inverse VIX). 

This is how the post will look from now on: