Chairman's Grocery Cart

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Another unwanted glimpse into the Chairman's life. Typical grocery shopping for me:

Forgot to label the hummus, it's $4 a tub.

  1. Olives: Castelvetrano (unpitted) and Nicoise-Coquillo (pitted), $8.50 a pound
  2. Cucumbers: organic, seedless, $3 a piece
  3. Avocados: $2 a piece 
  4. Green Pepper: organic, $2 a piece
  5. Radishes: $1.50 a bunch
  6. Broccoli, not organic, forget how much, will check
  7. Asparagus, pre-cut means $6.49 a pound for the lazy
  8. Cauliflower, ditto
  9. Kale, Chard, Spinach greens: $5 a box (11 oz) (triple washed for the lazy)
  10. Kale: baby greens, $4.70 a box (11 oz) (triple washed for the lazy)
  11. Almond milk: original, unsweetened, $3
  12. Olive oil: extra virgin, Lucini brand, $18 (lasts awhile)
  13. Vinegar: also Lucini brand, on sale for $8 (also lasts awhile)
  14. Eggs: organic, jumbo, $5
  15. Fish: varies, but I get cod, swordfish, flounder, salmon, etc. 
  16. More fish
  17. Chicken: organic, breasts, $8.50 a pound
  18. Shrimp: farm-raised in Belize, $11 a pound

This will last me three or four days and then I have to go shopping again.