Chairman Recommended: Slippers

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I am almost completely housebound during the winter here in Appalachia and only leave to:

  1. Take the kids somewhere (school, swimming, art lessons, etc.),
  2. Buy groceries,
  3. Play poker. 

So my indoor footwear is very important and I use LL Bean's aptly named Wicked Good Scuffs III. I love them because they:

  1. Have rubber soles,
  2. Are made from soft sheepskin and are shearling-lined (Australian sheep),
  3. Are scuffs ("a flat-soled slipper without quarter or heel strap").

I'm at the advanced stage of laziness where all my footwear must be easily slipped on and off, so I slip out of these moccasins and into my slip-on boots when I go outside (to get the paper or put out the trash) and then back in again when I come inside. I wear them all day every day -- highly recommended by the Chairman! 

(See this post for my recommended summertime footwear.)