Books Read -- Nothing In Her Way & River Girl

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I thought I could read a book a week this year, but that's madness, it's going to be closer to a book a month. Charles Williams was a writer of dimestore books (Gold Medal label), which are oddly very hard to find now. Nothing in Her Way was a bit too convoluted for me, especially the ending, written in 1953, it wasn't great. River Girl (1951), on the other hand, wasn't bad despite the terrible title (there is no river girl, more like a lake girl). The ending wasn't very well done or satisfying, but the early and middle parts of the book are decent, some of it is *very good* (disposing of a body) ... I think Williams had a problem with endings. Beginning, Middle, End, you have to plot it all out perfectly in advance. 

Anyway, if you like "noir" stories, corruption, obsessive love, murder, best laid plans gone awry, femmes fatale (femme fatales?), desperation, being on the run, all that jazz, check out River Girl.