Books Read -- Dreaming in Chinese

Added on by C. Maoxian.

This is the book I read in April having toned down my ridiculous idea of reading one book a week to one book a month. I have a hard time reading anything greater than tweet-length anymore. 

Deborah Fallows is James Fallows' wife and this is a short and often charming book about the Chinese language. Mrs. Fallows has a PhD in linguistics, but this is a light-hearted approach to explaining what makes the Chinese language special. The spent three years in China in the 2000s, and Mrs. Fallows did the usual "trailing spouse" things (wandering around, having massages, attending bad Chinese classes), but she's smart and has an interest in language and how it relates to culture. It's a quick read.

I've added the Table of Contents below, which may help you decide if you want to read it.