Bloodline -- Season One

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Enjoyed this one ... thanks to Twitter buddy @chijs for hipping me to it ... discovery is such an interesting thing, if I hadn't caught that tweet I probably wouldn't have found out about this show until three or four years later ... anyway, attractive articulate white people in a beautiful setting (the Florida Keys) who are my age ... proud WASP family with a painful past, a prodigal son, a mean Dad, lies begetting lies, violence begetting violence, lots of elements that appeal to me, that I can semi-identify with ... runs 13 one hour episodes, see it if you get a chance.

Kyle Chandler (b. 1965),  Ben Mendelsohn (b. 1969), Linda Cardellini (b. 1975), Norbert Leo Butz (b. 1967), Jacinda Barrett (b. 1972), Enrique Murciano (b. 1973), Chloë Sevigny (b. 1974)