Beijing Restaurants -- Palms L.A. Kitchen and Bar

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Coco (the intern) and I popped over to Palms for lunch. This is a new place just north of Gulou which I discovered from reading this post at LumDimSum. LDS is one of the kool kids who kindly reveals these hip joints to the old bald crowd.

We got some guacamole and chips to start. Guac was a little lemony to me but it's such a personal thing.  Coco liked it.

I got the Korean fried chicken which I wasn't thrilled with and Coco got some pork tacos which I liked better.  So we switched.  

They have Slow Boat beer (yay!), though bottled (boo!), and the space is nicely done, though very small.  Fortunately there weren't that many people there for lunch on a Wednesday, so we weren't crowded in there, which I could see happening easily. Service was swift.

Best of luck to the friendly guys who are running this new place!