Beijing Restaurants -- Dianke Dianlai

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Coco (the intern) and I had lunch today at Dianke Dianlai, a Yunnan restaurant I like in Beijing.  They do a 12 course set lunch for 128 yuan (US$20.50) which is a good deal.  Pics below of selected dishes with my sophisticated gourmand comments:

No idea what this is but it was spicy and I got a bit of pepper stuck in my throat which sent me into a coughing fit ... tears flowing, though not from joy ... good way to impress the girls.

Shrimpies in a sort of spicy lemony tomato-y sauce with a sprig of dill? artfully stuck in there. I think that's dill.

This is the main dish ... fish that has been split down the middle, spiced and grilled. Mmm good. That's Coco in the background; she's lovely but shy.  All my interns are hired based on their gaokao score (sort of like the SAT but a million times harder).  Coco got a 650, which is high, and she goes to Nankai, which is a top ten university (in Tianjin). I delegate all the hard stuff to her and concentrate on blogging about my lunches.

Nice to end the meal with some noodles.  Note the authentic chipped bowl. They also serve yoghurt and honey to get a bit of sweetie at the end, but I didn't get a good picture of it (or the other seven courses not pictured).  If you haven't been to Dianke Dianlai, I'd recommend you go.