Banshee -- Season Three

Added on by C. Maoxian.

This show continues to astound me.  Just when I think, how can they top the last outrageous episode, they do. Ultra-violent, lots of soft-core "Skinemax" sex, and snappy dialogue -- not for the squeamish or prudish ... I got a little more insight into their target audience since an entire episode this season was from the perspective one has in a first-person shooter video game.

The casting of this show is really interesting... they're not relying on the usual Hollywood friends of friends and favors called in, they're actually getting talented, interesting people to do the work for a change.

The ideal viewer is a young white male, probably a teenager, who is into the military, "special ops," first-person shooter video games, cage fighting, pornography (obviously), but is not a dummy ... he appreciates well-crafted drama, which Banshee surely is.  I'm looking forward to season four!