Authors' Closing Words

Added on by C. Maoxian.

A running collection of closing words from the authors interviewed on Booknotes:

  • Zbigniew Brzezinski -- "I enjoyed it. Thank you."
  • Judy Shelton -- "My pleasure. Thank you for having me."
  • Bruce Oudes -- "You're quite welcome."
  • Susan Moeller -- "Thank you, sir."
  • Henry Brandon -- "Thank you for asking me."
  • David Hackworth -- "My pleasure."  
  • James Fallows -- "Thank you. It's been a great pleasure." 
  • Gregory Fossedal -- "Thanks for having me."
  • Stanley Karnow -- "Thank you, Brian." 
  • James MacGregor Burns -- "Thank you."
  • Robert Christopher -- "It was a lot of fun. Thank you."
  • Robert Byrd -- "Thank you very much. Thank you."
  • Nathaniel Branden -- "I really enjoyed this. It was absolutely, from my point of view, wonderful. Very relaxed, very easy, very natural, I don't know how it even sounded to you, but whatever your personal agenda was, I had a very good time."
  • Roger Kennedy -- "Thank you."
  • George Wilson -- "Thank you."
  • Jeanne Simon -- [interview cut off]