An Authority and a Crank

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Interesting, longish piece on Eric Scott Hunsader, a man whose products I've used for 20 straight years. 

"In 1995, convinced that the Internet would upend trading, he quit a corporate job to write a program that displayed real-time stock and futures data online. In 1996, he sold that company to, where he launched Livecharts, a real-time data visualization program, and QCharts, a trader workstation for Windows. When Lycos bought in 1999, Hunsader cashed out, building the Winnetka, Ill., home where his family lives. He founded Nanex in 2000 ... Nanex stores about 4,600 days of data, going back to 2003. 'We are always buying more servers,' said Hunsader."