Movies Watched -- What Maisie Knew

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Poor little rich girl .... Julianne Moore (b. 1960) as ageing rocker ... marriage on the rocks (pun?) ... ugly biz ... what is Maisie, five or six? ... is the little girl autistic? something weird about her face/expression ...  British art dealing Dad with asshole-ish long hair ... beautiful blonde nanny, "Margo," Irish? Scottish? ... custody battle ... "temper, temper" ... little girl is going to grow up to be a junkie, no doubt ...  uh, oh nanny  takes father's side and becomes Dad's lover / wife ... will fast forward from minute 30 ... some other guy on the scene now, solid chin, fairy-boy hair ... "new stepfather" ... this is the genuine guy ("Lincoln"), unlike lying manipulative Dad, she needs in her life .... he's a bartender? ... Irish nanny turned wife breaking down ... all these screwed up adults and Maisie a witness to them all ... hang on, the help is going to hook up ... poor nanny and bartender as Maisie's good responsible parents? ... asshole rich celebrity parents versus a nice Scottish lass and a blonde bartender boy, seems a bit predictable ...  oh yeah, genuine board game fun with the adoptive family ... not going with you, Manipulative Mom, despite the monster miniature stuffed pony. Bye bye bad celebrity Mom.  Cue the heartstring piano!  Blueberry pancakes with those wholesome adoptive parents. The End.  Under 100 mins but still had to fast forward through most of it. Red rating.