30 Day Challenge -- Day Fourteen

Added on by C. Maoxian.

(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Wife informed me at 6:30 AM that she had fired half the staff ... I was left to clean up the bodies, pay people off etc.  Insanely stressful, would have normally sent me into a dark hole, but I managed things rather well I thought, given the carnage.

07:42 4K row

88.2 22.5

Lots of Fritos to deal with shock of an empty house. 

13:21 BM

18:40 Kung Pao chicken from Meizhou Dongpo for dinner

$50 Pizza+ (not for me)

Day was a complete bust, a real disaster ... on the food discipline front I did ok (not great though) and the key was not cracking out the bottle or smoking cigars, which I would normally do.