30 Day Challenge -- Day Six

Added on by C. Maoxian.

(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Inscrutable notes:

Slept in.

09:43 4K row

86.8 23.5

09:51 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

10:05 1/4 daban bingpi mooncake (flavor I didn't like so only 1/4)

10:30 bottle chrsyth tea

11:19 bottle chrsyth tea

Played with baby in morning

12:17 beef noodles (made by Mommy, couldn't refuse), 175g steamed broccoli, black sesame chicken, bottle chrsyth tea

12:43 large handful dried cranberries

13:58 4K row (making up Friday's missed row)

13:59 seven Lulu dates

14:13 large slice watermelon

14:42 few pieces cantaloupe

14:55 BM

17:12 large handful of dried cranberries

17:20 bottle chrsyth tea

17:40 100g beef tenderloin, pickle, olives, 19 tater tots (bilingual T calls them "teeter totters"), bottle chrsyth tea

18:39 scooter in motion (to massage)

18:42 arrive massage ( 3 mins seems quick?)

18:44 three bottles chrsyth tea

Tried to watch "The Counselor" during foot massage but it was so terrible I gave up after 48 minutes ... should've quit sooner of course.

19:40 foot massage over

21:17 body massage finished (Masseur Wang explained at length that the US knew where Osama was all along, waited for best possible PR moment to execute him ... I enjoy the weekly lessons he gives)

$100 massage

21:18 scooter in motion 

21:26 arrived home (8 minutes, this makes more sense, no idea how I made it there in three)

21:57 large handful wasabi almonds before bed.

Well, it wasn't a super bad weekend day like they usually are, stress-wise I mean. This is a dreaded three day weekend though so it's going to be tough to hold together before the weekday routine kicks back in on Tuesday and I can stay on track.