30 Day Challenge -- Day Seven

Added on by C. Maoxian.

(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Inscrutable notes:

4K row

87.6 24.0 

08:42 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

09:20 half a daban bingpi

$508.56 Carrefour cred

10:34 bottle chrysth tea

11:38 handful wasabi almonds

12:25 120g beef tenderloin, meatballs, pickle, olives, asparagus, one avocado (too hard to make guac), 28 g Tostitos scoops (for failed guac)

13:11 2K row (making up missed time from last week)

13:58 BM

14:14 scooter in motion to library (green)

14:25 arrive library

$15.40 library fines

15:43 bottle chrysth tea, large handful dried cranberries

Must  buy T a graph paper notebook

16:26 slice of watermelon

17:53 half bowl rice, edamame, pickle, olives, bottle chrysth tea, 28 g Tostitos with salsa, raspberry yoghurt

18:30 bottle chrysth tea

Played with kids in courtyard

$64.40 April Gourmet

large handful wasabi almonds

large handful dried cranberries

Not too terrible a day, though tomorrow is a holiday (mid-Autumn festival, aka mooncake day) which means the staff will be away and I will have to fend for self plus deal with the stresses of being home.