30 Day Challenge -- Day One

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Since the first day of September falls on a Monday, it's an especially good day to start another 30 day challenge.  The challenge is not to drink any booze or beer, smoke cigars, eat junk (esp. Cheetos), have promiscuous sex, etc.  In short, I try to live like a monk for a month, abstaining from all my usual day to day pleasures.

What follows are my inscrutable notes on the day, which are either incredibly boring or completely fascinating:

98? cm above belly button

100? cm at underpants waistline

108? cm chest

07:04 4k row

89.0 25.0

07:20 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

07:33 scooter in motion

07:48 arrive FCD

08:00 arrive P3

08:03 arrive desk

Teekanne tea

245 cash in pocket

Finished watching "The East"

Office-wide wifi for the first-time, no need for 3G stick if I log on as "Guest" (2 week limit), iPad completely unlimited, sweet

11:06 E3 to gym

12:16 finished weights: back, chest, back, shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps. Bench 120 multiple sets.

13:33 finished cardio: 10 min tmill, 15 min bike, jump rope, stretch, 30 min stepper. Watched old La Liga games, still marvel at the Flea's skill

steam, shave, sauna (briefly)

14:08 84.6 on gym scale, completely inaccurate since they installed new carpet but could be consistently inconsistent over next 30 days (useful)

14:11 apple

14:16 E3 to office

14:20 75g beef tenderloin, 175g lightly steamed broc caul, one boiled egg, one bottle chrysth. tea (unsweetened)

Grace moved offices, closer to Ernest, will see less of her? One of the few people I will say bye to when I finally quit.

18:08 75g beef tenderloin, 175g lightly steamed broc caul, half a boiled egg, several slices of goose (HK diner), handful of almonds, a pickle, some eggplant, large slice watermelon, cup of raspberry yoghurt

19:25 bottle of chrysth tea

21:48 bowel movement (BM)

22:09 handful of almonds as tum tum feels empty at beddy

First week is always easiest for these challenges. Easy to maintain discipline and enthusiasm, see quick results.  Week two harder and week three a real trial as jonesing for booze, Cheetos and other carnal delights hits a peak and little progress in registered.