30 Day Challenge -- Day Nine

Added on by C. Maoxian.

(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Inscrutable notes:

Overslept, no time to row.

07:02 BM

88.2 23.5

07:20 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

07:35 scooter in motion

07:51 arrive FCD (long wait at Chang'an light)

08:03 arrive at P3

Teekanne tea

Finished watching Blues the Warmest Color ... enjoyed it.

Holiday in Hong Kong today so feeling free.

$270 in pocket.

11:01 E3 to gym

12:27 finished weights: usual routine, multiple bench press 150 max

Looks like season five of Boardwalk Empire is underway .. will have to start watching again.

Moved to 10 on resistance for the bike, they monkeyed with it? 10 = old 7

13:58 cardio finished ... extended stepper to 48 mins (1) to watch end of "Survive That," kind of interesting, Discovery channel thing ... how many variations on the survival theme can they do? Guy with pipe "at base camp" in this one though, made me laugh. 

13:59 apple

steam, shave, sauna (ran sand clock out)

15:02 83.9 gym scale

15:04 apple

15:15 E3 to office

15:20 80g beef tenderloin, 175g steamed veggies, one boiled egg, bottle chrysth tea

16:02 two mini-slices Pizza Hut pizza (found in fridge and stolen, two slices remain)

17:04 E3 to home

Tried to get new phone number for T but didn't have passport with me (need the yuan jian)

17:43 arrived home

18:13 20 Lulu dates

Read "The Arrival," a book I bought for Thomas.  Enjoyed it and would like to have some of the drugs that Shaun Tan is doing.

18:27 100g beef tenderloin, 175g steamed veggies, pickle, one boiled egg, bottle chrytsth tea, 20 tots, half a daban bingpi mooncake

Walked around block with wife and baby -- nice night temp wise.

Got new 1TB hard drive, Western Digital this time ... I have bought three count 'em three Toshiba drives that all died within one WEEK ... avoid Toshiba Canvio like the plague, they're shit.

Thomas's 21 Tintin books collection arrived ... wonder how many books there are in total? 

Handful dried cranberries

Large slice watermelon