30 Day Challenge -- Day Four

Added on by C. Maoxian.

(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Inscrutable notes:

Awake at 5 AM due to mosquito in bedroom

06:56 2K row (ran out of time)

87.6 25.0

07:03 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

07:48 arrived FCD

Another rare blue sky day

07:59 arrive P3

$8.50 small McD coffee, drank half, will need boost given lack of sleep 

08:08 BM (two pounder "2PP")

Teekanne tea

58 cash in pocket

Dreaded work Dalian Wanda Comm Prop IPO

11:05 E3 to gym

As I detox my B.O. is a combination of chicken soup, milk, and hairy balls.

11:11 apple

mild headache, either because I had to concentrate during morning discussions or a result of the detox

13:01 cardio finished, 25 min tmill, 15 min bike, jump rope and stretch, stepper extended to 45 min (300 cals) as I watched Horschel try to catch Kirk at DB tourney replay, what a choke with that second shot into the hazard. 

13:02 apple 

steam only, no sauna

gym scale 84.1

Towel boy upset since he discovered apple core I crammed in vase (one of my old pranks) much earlier than I anticipated. My name is mud down there until they forget about it (Chinese never forget about it).

13:38 E3 back to office

13:41 90g beef tenderloin, 175 g steamed veggies, one boiled egg, bottle chrysth tea

Dreaded work finally finished, discussion about Dalian Wanda Comm Prop IPO over, lots of chicklets of doublemint chewed to keep stress at bay.  Now I can get back to my real job which is dicking around online.

17:37 handful habanero almonds, 300 g massive salad with thousand island dressing, pickle, 90g beef tenderloin, 175g steamed veggies, cup of raspberry yoghurt, handful of tater tots with catsup, watermelon and cantaloupe

19:38 walk around block with wife and daughter

20:01 back from walk

20:32 3/4 of one daban bingpi mooncake

Tried to watch the Prisoners (too long and didn't grab me, looked bad) and Let The Fire Burn (documentary, looked depressing, stopped it) ... listened to Robin Williams comedy radio instead (Pandora), enjoyed John Pinette and some guy named Tosh?

Large handful of wasabi almonds before bed.

Solid fourth day of discipline ... no smokes or booze, this is key. Or Cheetos.  Weekends always difficult because of lack of structure and stress of family time, so pay close attention to notes on those days, fast approaching.