30 Day Challenge -- Day Eight

Added on by C. Maoxian.

(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Inscrutable notes:

08:53 4K row

87.6 23.5

08:59 scrambled eggs and a banana, cup raspberry yoghurt

09:34 28 g Tostitos with salsa

Played with baby in courtyard

$10.50 April Gourmet

11:00 Magnum tiramisu ice cream (baby had a chocolate cone, her usual) 

11:20 half a daban bing pi mooncake

$59 Siku police chopper with transport truck (mid-Autumn gift for boy)

12:56 DTF lunch: bowl of dandan mian, can of Sprite (unnecessary indulgence, a slip), kao fu, mushrooms, that cai I like, various shui jiao ... over-ate of course.

$369.60 DTF cred

Surprise real estate dealings in afternoon, had to look after baby at same time, tough to do, left the easy stuff up to Mommy :) ... got a slice at Pizza+ and some gelato to share with baby

$51 Pizza+

17:15 large handful craisins, 28 g Tostitos with salsa

Pumped up scooter tires, front decent but back at 11.5 PSI (should be 36)

$81 Pizza+ (half ham filled, half spinach filled ... not for me of course)

18:45 100g beef tenderloin, big gulp of OJ (that's a no-no ... a slip since it's pure sugar), 28 g Tostitos with guacamole (avocados ripe today), large slice watermelon

T felt wrath of Tiger Mom as he cheated on his iPad time and neglected his studies. She even used the line "You're lazy like your father and will end up being a loser like him!" which always stings.

Holiday lunch out and various bowls of Tostitos (always strictly one serving size though!), ice cream and gelato, means there was some back-sliding ... not super bad, but still... can't say it wasn't unexpected.  Onward to an abbreviated week two of discipline.