30 Day Challenge -- Day Five

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(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Inscrutable notes:

Overslept, no row

07:15 87.2 24.5

07:22 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

07:29 BM

07:37 scooter in motion

Rare blue sky day. (Another one, but trust me, they're rare.)

07:49 arrive FCD (fresh charge, caught Chang'an light)

08:00 arrive P3

08:04 arrive desk

Teekanne tea

57 cash in pocket

Listened to Robin Williams comedy channel (Pandora), play list here

Wife tries to sabotage me by wanting to have a nice lunch together, tentatively agreed.

10:49 E3  to scooter ... wife called to say Thomas accidentally hit in nose with bat at school, had to pick up insurance cards first in case we need to visit hospital

11:13 arrive FCD

Thomas is fine, false alarm, teachers / schools these days panic over little things and call parents (terrifying them) for any little thing. Normally this kind of stressful event would make me binge on something, but not now, not in week one. Only good thing about this is wife's lunch date cancelled and her sabotage attempt foiled.

11:40 P3

11:42 E3

11:44 at desk

11:52 E3 to gym

13:05 finished weights: back, chest, back, shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps, multiple benches 140

14:19 cardio finished (usual routine: 10 tmill, 15 bike, jump rope, stretch, 30 stepper) ... looking at Joan Rivers on tv, did she have her nose done by the same guy who did Michael Jackson? Terrible work, but it probably gets harder with age.

14:20 apple

steam and sauna (timed sand clock with Nokia 105, it is accurate at 15 minutes)

15:09 gym scale 82.5, consistently inconsistent, typical Friday result after disciplined first week

15:15 E3 to office

15:18 105 g beef tenderloin (melts like butter!), 175 g steamed veggies, one boiled egg, bottle chrysth tea

Apparently Monday is a holiday, I had no idea.

17:05 E3 going home

Junk I like but am avoiding: gummi bears, Dr Pepper, buttered popcorn, Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos (I sense a trend), mac & cheese bright orange, ravioli out of the can bright orange, spaghetti and meatballs. The toxic orange color is very important.  I believe my long-time addiction to Wise Onion Rings directly related to neon green bag they packaged them in years ago.

$242.90 Jenny Lou's cred

17:55 arrive home (doorstep)

Must pump up scooter tires because they feel mighty low and the battery is running out extra fast.

18:16 black olives, pickle, 300g salad with French and Thousand Island dressing, one boiled egg, 50g beef tenderloin, 175g steamed veggies, a few pork ribs, bowl of fruit salad, cup raspberry yoghurt, large handful flavored almonds (wasabi and habanero), bottle chrysth tea

19:11 one daban bingpi mooncake

Good day, a scare with T at school but he was fine and I didn't go into a sugar spiral as a result.  No dreaded work but I was told Bossini may want to talk with me next week. Exercise felt good as the built-up poisons are excreted. But now, now comes the weekend, always an incredible trial where massive backsliding happens, though usually not as bad on first weekend ... it's those second and third weekends where everything falls apart.