30 Day Challenge -- Day Fifteen

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Inscrutable notes:

06:32 89.2 24.0

No row, cooked breakfast for boy instead.

$8.50 small McD coffee, drank half

08:04 BM

11:04 H elev to gym

13:04 finished workout, felt weak, screwed up weights and cardio order due to an unfortunate number of people in MY gym. 120 max bench not a lot of sets.

13:05 apple

steam, shave, sauna

Peter gave me a bottle of Givenchy "Gentleman Only," (hint, hint?) which makes me small like a Russian whore. Will only spray on my balls for now. 

84.7 gym scale

14:14 beef tenderloin, veggies ... had violent allergic reaction to veggies which almost never happens anymore ... what happens is I have to spit out loads of phlegm and can't swallow anything until it's all out ... dashed unpleasant.

17:41 E3 to home