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Beijing Restaurants -- Hatsune

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I had lunch today with an old girlfriend ("P") at the new Hatsune in the Kerry Center.  There's a room in the very back of the restaurant which is isolated, i.e., private (though noisy), and that's where we sat.  I hated her new eyeglasses ("But they're from Tiffany!"), which I thought made her look like an old librarian, and certainly not a naughty librarian, which is the kind I like.

We each got a box set lunch (not interesting to photograph) and supplemented them with an order of "LumDimSum" rolls.  They come in a dim sum steamer basket which is a cute touch. LumDimSum is a popular blog, mainly about food, and her local restaurant recommendations are frequently spot on (meaning I agree with her).

The inside of the roll has scallops, albacore tuna, seaweed, and cucumber and the top has avocado, maguro, and a spot of mayo? with black tobiko.  Maybe you can see all of that better in the pic below. I think the rolls were around US$14.

Hatsune is a rock-solid old stand-by restaurant.  The Chinese-American owner must be making a fortune, deserved of course.  Check it out if you haven't been before.