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Beijing Food Prices -- Mangosteen

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Mangosteen are another special fruit I'd never see before living in China.  They look like old style hand grenades, but inside is a ball of this wonderfully tender sweet white flesh.  They cost 45.80 per kilogram (US$7.34) so each one in this package costs about 81 cents, let's call it 80 cents a pop. Luxury fruit.

Mangosteen interior

Beijing Food Prices -- King Lychee

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Regular lychee are about the size of a golf ball, maybe a bit smaller.  These are king lychee which are two to three times as big as normal ones. They are very expensive at 99.80 (US$15.96) a kilogram. There are 11 in this package which means they're about 70 cents a pop.  I prefer the small ones actually, and not just because I'm cheap.

Beijing Food Prices -- Lychee

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Another cost of living post.  I never had lychee before moving to China. They are an amazing fruit: sweet, juicy, soft flesh ... eating them is almost an erotic experience. These cost 25.80 (US$4.13) a kilogram.   There were 35 in this package, so they're about US9.5 cents a pop ... let's call it a dime a piece. Should pop these in the fridge first, they're best eaten chilled. 

Beijing Food Prices -- Apples (1)

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Another cost of living post. These are local apples, I think, though they say they're Fuji ... Fuji apples grown in China, I guess? ... anyway, 29.80元 (US$4.78) per kilogram means each apple is around US$1.20.  Strikes me as pricey, but I'm really not that in touch with the market, haven't been paying attention for the last eight years.

Beijing Food Prices -- Oranges (1)

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I thought I'd share some cost of living posts from Beijing.  These are imported navel oranges from America, "Sun Pacific" brand.  I have no idea what they cost in California. They cost 35.80元 (US$5.74) a kilogram here, which is almost exactly US$1.70 each.  Not cheap, but affordable for China's new middle class. Maybe still a bit of a treat?