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Avago and Broadcom Pops, 1 Minute View

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Didn't have the scanner running but clearly it would have picked these up pronto ... refresh rate ideally 10 seconds on the scan? Dunno, will have to work on it once back in the proper timezone ... when I'm not doing yard work.  Always happy to talk with humans (no bots, please) who caught this in real-time.

Crick to enrarge

Crick to enrarge

My buddy @HCPG was kind enough to share a ten tick chart of BRCM with me ... this is a better way to view these pops:

StockTwits stream for AVGO ... NewsHedge_Squawk and danshep55 on top of it. 

StockTwits stream for BRCM ... OpenOutcrier not on his usual game with a 14:00 post: