Movies Watched -- Whiplash

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Lots of recommendations for this one, which may have been the problem ("expectations"), but I was not thrilled with this. Stars the same kid who played a teenage alcoholic, which I appreciated) in something else I recently watched (forgot the title) ... "a less Jewish Zuckerberg."

Anyway, it's about a music student and his sadistic drill instructor, er teacher ... it was around 100 minutes which was its saving grace ... I didn't fast forward so it gets a yellow rating, but I definitely would not recommend it. From 2014 I can still recommend only The Lunchbox and Nightcrawler, nothing else.  

The Sarah Silverman Program -- Season One

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Didn't know anything about Sarah Silverman, but really enjoyed the episode she did for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which led me to her TV show. First season is only six episodes ... around 20 minutes each ... very funny, very offensive, nothing is sacred, no one is spared ... she's smart and pretty (in a Jewy way, as she would say), almost exactly my age, and clearly smokes a lot of pot, god bless her.  She probably evokes strong emotions (love or hate) in people. Looking forward to season two.

Banshee -- Season Three

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This show continues to astound me.  Just when I think, how can they top the last outrageous episode, they do. Ultra-violent, lots of soft-core "Skinemax" sex, and snappy dialogue -- not for the squeamish or prudish ... I got a little more insight into their target audience since an entire episode this season was from the perspective one has in a first-person shooter video game.

The casting of this show is really interesting... they're not relying on the usual Hollywood friends of friends and favors called in, they're actually getting talented, interesting people to do the work for a change.

The ideal viewer is a young white male, probably a teenager, who is into the military, "special ops," first-person shooter video games, cage fighting, pornography (obviously), but is not a dummy ... he appreciates well-crafted drama, which Banshee surely is.  I'm looking forward to season four!

Etsy IPO

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Status Filed (3/4/2015), Proposed Symbol ETSY, Exchange NASDAQ

Share Price 14.00-16.00

Shares Offered 16,666,666

Offer Amount $306,666,640.00

Total Expenses $5,158,037.00

Shares Over Alloted 2,499,999, Shareholder Shares Offered 3,333,333, Shares Outstanding 110,962,515

Lockup Period (days) 180

Teva Pharma Drop, 1 Minute View

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Apparently related to the Momenta news ... full two minute delay until the stock reacted, so much for an efficient market ... assume scanner would have seen this one too, though at 12:24 not 12:22.

Momenta Pharma Pop, 1 Minute View

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Gained some momenta at lunchtime ... scanner would have caught it, no idea what the news was (see link below)  ... terrible one to hold into the close, one of those oh wells ... be nice to ask an unemployed axe on Twitter what the press release meant ... this is a 5 min overlaid on a 1 min ... not sure if my dozen readers like these overlay charts (I love 'em).

12:30PM  Momenta Pharmaceuticals Announces FDA Approval of ANDA for Glatopa(TM) (glatiramer acetate injection), the First Substitutable Generic for COPAXONE(R) (glatiramer acetate injection) 20mg GlobeNewswire

Usual StockTwits suspects, though too slow off the mark this time:

Rectify -- Season Two

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Really enjoy this show ... it's talk talk talk, but the respectful treatment of Southern culture and religion something you don't normally see on TV, as well as other serious themes (guilt, redemption, justice, etc.) ... season two sets up season three in a cliffhanger fashion.  Can recommend this to my dozen readers.

My selected screenshots:

Symantec Pop, 1 Minute View

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Wouldn't have made any money on this, even if you were super quick. "Rumor" of Veritas sale what drove this ... lots of "rumors" these days, not sure how they get disseminated, but you can bet that wise guys are positioned in advance.

View from Nanex's non-$9.99 data feed ... came all the way back in to $24.50 from $25.20 in those tens seconds. 

Walgreens Boots Behaving Badly

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Weird spike at 3 PM ... would have burned me if I had played it ... fortunately asleep on SwissAir at the time. Reported earnings in the morning and this is an all-time higher (all-timer high?), but this didn't treat the day traders kindly. 

Movies Watched -- Nightcrawler

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Really enjoyed this one even though it was a bit long at nearly two hours. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a great fast-talking petty thief / conman / "nightcrawler" (one who films late-night gore for local TV news) ... his high-speed weirdo Dale Carnegie patter is irresistible, and his winning amoral grin a thing of genius.  Another New Normal movie, American standard of living (and morality) in permanent decline is sort of the backdrop.  This is a movie I can recommend from 2014, along with "The Lunchbox." 

If you liked Nightcrawler and can think of similar movies I'd also like, please send me your recommendations. 

Mylan Pop, 1 Minute View

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More consolidation in the drug sector ... didn't have the scanner running but assume it would have caught this ... two minutes before PR Newswire timestamp ... if you paid near top of bar $66.92 it would have been disappointing but assuming a sub-$64 entry the risk reward was ok. 

Banshee -- Season Two

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Really enjoy this show, ultra-violence combined with lots of soft-core sex and witty dialogue, what's not to like?  Alan Ball really has his finger on the pulse, doesn't he? Target audience must skew young and white and very male. 

Black Mirror -- Season One

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Three one hour episodes, recommended by Twitter buddy @JasonReno3 ... disturbing stuff, episode one disgustingly absurd, episodes two and three both dystopian near-future visions. Can't really recommend them unless you like being troubled.

Prime Ministerial Performance Art

Seen her in something else, god, she's beautiful

Bad memories of rear penetration

Forbrydelsen (The Killing) -- Season One

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I watched 20 one hour episodes of this only to be furious at the end. Spoilers: It doesn't make any sense. Was he a serial killer or not? Why would he kill Nanna? He had no motive, it made no sense. Was it an impulse killing?  Then what about Mette twenty years earlier? What secret did he and Theis share? It was just maddening. 

I like listening to the Danish language and looking at all these beautiful Scandinavian people with their great names (Theis, Vagn, Pernille, etc.). But it doesn't make up for a terrible, illogical story. What a disappointment. And twenty episodes! Count 'em, twenty hours I spent on this.