Freescale Semi's Pop, 1 Minute View

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Electronic Arts was moving over on the Nasdaq at the same time that Freescale was on the NYSE ... hard to keep an eye on both exchanges in the heat of battle (at the open) ... FSL would have been the better trade, we now know. Previous all-time high $26, so there was open sky above.

Found a trader on StockTwits who faded this move successfully. I don't understand his methods, but you can read his post and look at his charts here.  I'm *always* interested to see how other people view things. 

Electronic Arts Pop, 1 Minute View

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Again, a mover at the open ... had been creeping up after hours since reporting earnings ... would have been better just to carry into the close ... risk reward not wonderful trading it ... not a loser anyway. 

Movies Watched -- The Imitation Game

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The story of WWII code breakers in England ... starred the new Sherlock and Keira Cheekbones ... also had Sam Gamgee playing a Soviet spy ... wasn't aware of the gross indecency laws or "chemical castration" ... Turing no doubt also tortured by the "blood-soaked calculus" of keeping their crack a secret. Tentatively at a yellow rating.

Movies Watched -- The Lunchbox

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Finally a movie from 2014 that I can recommend ... this was very sweet, a lovely little story ... just the right length at 100 minutes. Green rating. 

Realized that among my 2013 movie recommendations (All Is Lost, Blue Is the Warmest Color, Mother of George, Museum Hours, Wadjda, and The Wolf of Wall Street), four are foreign pics and one has no dialogue. Anything with subtitles knocks out what, maybe 90% of the American viewing audience? 

Movies Watched -- Edge of Tomorrow

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Blockbuster ... a little overly long at 105 minutes before the credits ... Tom Cruise, I like Tom Cruise, think he's talented ... not sure who the female lead was, some blue-eyed British girl with very little body fat ... one of those Groundhog Day timewarp things that gets confusing ... major props for paying homage to the Terminator with the key drop from visor ... amazing special effects, must have been something on the big screen. One of those movies that probably cost 100 million dollars to make. War porn of a sort. Yellow rating.

Movies Watched -- Alan Partridge, Alpha Papa

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Again in the queue before I instituted the 90% fresh cutoff ... British comedy, very British ... had some funny bits ... old DJs versus corporate radio, do people still listen to radio?  Anywhere in the world?  Even Norwich? Starred the guy from that awful Philomena movie. 90 minutes long, which was the right length. Yellow rating.

Marcus Lyon's Exodus

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Love this guy's work

"Signed Limited Edition Digital Fibre Museum Bareyte Print float mounted on aluminium. Each work is produced in an edition of 7 and is printed at 1600 x 800mm."

I asked Marcus about buying one, but it's sold out.

"I have one Artist Proof left the edition is now sold out. Edition 7/7 sold for £20,000. The Final Artists Proof is priced at £25,000."