Trading Notes -- 20190208 Friday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Weird mixed tone with eod spike (see chart below) … brief notes … quiet Friday … lowered stop on AMRS and they jammed me out which was of course a perfect spot to add, so I instantly re-shorted (revenge trading much?) but I still think I’m right and this was so low-volume shenanigan BS, dummy de-Gentile revealed his big short so now they have to drive him (and me) out … SNNA the only HTB play, miraculously IB got me some shares but not even enough for a full fill on ONE leg, annoying and messes up the whole thing, thank god it worked otherwise I really woulda been annoyed … used bookie broker (0.0369) to short some more but again couldn’t leg in due to PDT, dumb, must get money over there but I’m worried about the bookies booking back to Bermuda or wherever :-) But SNNA a beauty entered C, got no adds (see above) but got lovely minC Typ3 exits for a solid win… if you were playing the morning “flag” breakout you surely woulda been trapped and crushed a real disaster but that never happens to anyone at least on TWTR, ya know… COTY an earnings play and I was a little smartassy shorting the PO B level or at least I think that’s what I was doing, didn’t wait for C which I think is a rule, innit?, but of course it went against me and I was good about not adding in the PM (for once!), will be a small loss if I don’t pull the stop which I very well might since I’m a sicko… ARRY not getting to minC and I wish it would before ToS gives me another margin call in my rapidly diminishing $4K account, lol … HYRE was a yday HTB SDJ and today it did under a thousand trades EOD talk about being StuckAtaProfit don’t worry no one holds overnight with the 7x fee sheesh. BIOC did an offering PO those dirty bastards, I recall shorting $3 just the other day and now it’s $1, but again, 7x ON holding cost. Usually I lose money on Fridays, often lots, but SNNA saved me today (bookie broker borrow the key there).