Trading Notes -- 20190206 Wednesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone slightly neg … my trading vacation hasn’t started yet since I needed to close up some old positions … and establish some new ones out of a sick need to gamble, lol. Adjusted targets in APHA and took it off for a decent profit, turns out the crazy sized add would have been good to hold on to but no I prudently scratched it, same goes for ZYNE which broke down dramatically but I had scratched the giant add so just took a normal minC Typ3 gain, which was impressive enough on its own… NVLN and TRVN the HTBs of the day, I was fortunate to choose TRVN (0.02) since it was picture perfect (see below) with a C entry and minC Typ3 exits, took a late in the day trade in ARRY in ToS and of course it looks like it will stop me out, zero for two in that account, ha! Something call MGNX, I called it Magnavox, went nuts, started shorting too early PO but it was fine since I sized it correctly (thank god) and got good adds at B & A, but I still might not make a dime in it, we’ll see, 1.5MM shares avail made it a must play, shorted AMRS again, we’ll see how it goes. EOLS woulda been a good play but I had a lot going on and went to gym at midday which will be a good new habit.