Trading Notes -- 20190201 Friday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Second anniversary since I started day trading again! Man I've lost a ton of money and time doing this, but I’ve got time and money to lose, plus it's a blast.

APHA screaming, FIDO 9, ton of borrow always, thought I'd done nicely shorting B A A+ esp. when some dumb Citron tweet hit and it tanked, but it turned right around and stopped me out -1R, hmmm annoying. Re-shorted a leg in the afternoon, we'll see.

TTNP (FIDO 19) and TBLT earlier stocks du jour, no borrow but some great PO spots, coulda done very well.

TMSR (FIDO 23) latecomer, another amazing play but no borrow, alas

Attempted to play OPKO, Squashed Toad, TexMex mentioned it on TWTR, had unlimited borrow so... bad B entry then SSR made it sticky and a pain, added A will quit there, will be patient and look for a scratch

SXTC super thin but came in with a plan and executed it but now predictably StuckAtaProfit, will have to wait for next week to cover

Short NIO at B after ToT, only got partial fill (HALF!) because they ran out of shares to lend, out at minC and Typ3, nice trade but really hampered by no size with limited borrow, NIO 7BB mkt cap doesn't belong on list but I traded it anyway

ZYNE came back alive, though super thin. Took the tiny loss with stupidly held short, good news is I didn't add add add to it, but I did re-short it later at a good spot

CODX approaching target below 1.20, woulda been worth even 7x borrow cost

FBIO it ran and I debated where to trail stop but ended up taking small loss on remainder, bah