Trading Notes -- 20190131 Thursday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Away nearly all day in hospital for LLP bronchoscopy, so an abbreviated entry. Broad tone poz, short headwind. SCYX the stock du jour, lotta borrow pre-open but all gone (a couple hundred thousand shares) by open … FBIO also lots of borrow all day, shoulda played both but they were chase entries so I only did FBIO, chase entry PO, covered minC, waiting on Typ3 (OR Typ3 hit but I’m being patient). OSTK jammed me out at tightened stop and instantly tanked to new lows, sheesh. CODX PO offering the dirty bastards… amusing since broker says overnight borrows will now be 7x, up from 4x. SXTC no borrow, mover but super thin, gave interesting spots. Tried to short NIO in absentia but when it triggered, no borrow (was borrow earlier, I assumed they wouldn’t disappear, wrong again).