Trading Notes -- 20190122 Tuesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone poor, indexes down 2%, short tailwind ... figured out (thanks rep ScottA) that you can add an HTB/ETB column in a ToS watchlist, sweet! Figured out how to turn crosshairs off of tone.

PCG 642, 24.3K, 197K FIDO 25 didn't realize I had a C order resting in market, filled pre-open of course, so I increased risk when I wanted to take some off, weak open tried to reduce risk by half, missed me by three ticks then went straight up for a 1R loss (actually little less than 1R since no A+ entry), anyway, darn it, I really blew that one, again had multiple chances to take very small loss/gain or even scratch it but ended up taking the planned loss instead, on the bright side at least I didn't add and go crazy since it ran $8.38 during OR, could have been mega-loss instead of disciplined loss, so that's good, stalked it, shorted A again (lucky), added B, patience is a virtue (sing along)

CRON 384, 15.5K, 59.7K, FIDO 8 got C and B missed A by a tick (annoying rounding), covered minC rest below at Typ3

MDWD 1.83K, 3.78K, 37.9K FIDO 28!! note 10 TC, odd, no borrow, hit 6.50 PO, opened around 5, big beautiful bounce to round number 6, working off PO coulda had C entry or off OR levels B&C IF anticipated slope shift but with no borrow no joy

BBBY 2, 117, 31.7K note EOD TC given AM, slightly less dead but again at BE with remainder since time is of the essence

STAF 1.48K, 14.9K, 21.8K, note 10/16 TC dichotomy, no borrow, stuffed at the open, woulda had to be PO entries (possible), all targets hit.

FNMA 72, 3.51K, 15.1K, FIDO 26 came in with a plan, shorted A and A+ then they ran me out, kept stalking it, didn't realize it's PINK, makes it harder since those guys are ruthless, flatline it at will, just terrible, OTC/BB should be avoided like the plague, re-shorted B, looked to add C, no hope for A, forgot to update C entry price, they skipped through me, no add, shit, covered minC, waiting rest at Typ3, phuckers wouldn't fill me at the bid, god knows they felt me out, be patient grasshopper

AUPH 1.64K, 4.26K, 14.8K, note PO to 10/16 TC, weird one, poz drug data but some whacky up and down PO action (low 6 high 8), had borrow, shorted B, no break, looked to add A, will reconsider how to handle manana, prolly no add in the money

APHA 620 3.64K, 14.6K anticipated slope shift (dangerous?), nah it did shift, it was fine, sorta came near A entry but failed, C entry, covered at minC waiting on rest at Typ3, decent win, much needed given PCG screw-up, they partialed me at Typ3, too much size of course, they feel me out and penny above, the bastards, crazy after hours bullshit straight up, hard to fill exit out, really scummy to pull that after the close, got lucky to scratch remainder!

KTOV 259, 943, 2.72K slightly active PO, did have small borrow, possible play, woulda worked, just too thin, I don't regret avoiding it despite missing big winner, possible StuckAtaProfit scenario with a $1 stock and a zillion shares

FTK 0, 324, 2.00K so dead glad I'm at BE with remainder

CCCL 9, 178, 806 exited remainder at Typ3, still no liquidity but possible to cover near bottom tick at open, around 800! trades total EOD, insane! Try covering 40K short in that one on Day Two, smart guy!