Trading Notes -- 20190118 Friday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Positive broad tone… no borrow on GEVO or BPTH, both possible home runs … included LMFA in charts below to show hero to zero … TSX with beautiful CRON long but I ignored and actually faded it toward end of day, which wasn’t terrible, sort of smartassy, I ended up scratching it. PCG could turn into a 1R loss (from newly sized up B entry), but maybe I’ll get lucky, think I had fomo, upset with self for missing yday so short today, bad dumb, etc. but very disciplined entries and exits lol. CCCL I got tiny surprise borrow, enough to fill worst possible C entry, no chance to add at B but I had a shit ton of shares there. So despite PCG mistake, had I had full fill on CCCL not to mention GEVO or BPTH, it could have been a very good day. FNMA on Fido, never on scanner despite 2.8BB mkt cap, will put on watch for next week.

PCG: Yes borrow, filled B&A … shorting into a bottom? FOMO after missing yday? Bad, two ticks from exit, reversed, but the psych damage is done, darn it… Friday afternoon before a long weekend! FIDO #27

832, 24.8K, 146K

CRON: Yes borrow, filled C half size fading Jeff :-) kinda dumb though, boredom trade? Scratched it. FIDO #15

328, 11.6K, 65.5K

GEVO: No borrow, woulda had to be pre-open entry cuz it collapsed on open

4.17K, 20.1K, 37.5K

BPTH: No borrow, reverse split garbage, woulda been a beauty (see below)

543, 10.3K, 31.7K

UPL: Yes borrow, filled C at open covered yiban at zero line, impatient got out rest a penny above zero line

2.70K, 8.18K, 17.6K

BIOC: No borrow, offering pre-open, super dirty how they ran it yday, but no borrow means no joy

32, 5.28K, 14.0K

CCCL: Tiny borrow at worst C price then none on attempted adds at B, phuckers, thin puppy, someone dumped 40K into the close and filled half of me but rest remains below

55, 2.24K, 5.03K