Trading Notes -- 20190114 Monday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Away more or less all day (LLP had doctor appt) … no borrows on stock du jour MBOT … or NBEV or, most maddening of all, SAEX. The last totally collapsed at end of day, closing down a mere 26.5%. Broad tape weak. Holds in FTK and NEO may eventually work out, no chance to add. AMRN hit all targets but I didn’t have a position (was out myself on Friday morning).

MBOT: No borrow, FIDO #4

09:25 2.03K, 10:00 18.7K, 16:00 118K

NBEV: No borrow, FIDO #13

09:25 459, 10:00 7.52K, 16:00 55.3K

BBBY: Yes borrow

09:25 77, 10:00 9.05K, 16:00 49.3K