Trading Notes -- 20190111 Friday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Had to leave office at 10AM for endodontist appt… miraculously got borrow on SAEX but jammed EOD, out with disciplined loss, coulda added 100x but wasn’t prepared and woulda stopped out of course so just money saved… FTK plenty borrow but no joy … NEO came to target, I was on bid in absentia, no fill annoying, maybe too much size and they sniffed me by partialing that level, phuckers, will be patient.

FTK: Yes borrow … got 50x entry and minc chase (half size) … no collapse though, will add if necessary

09:25 5.53K, 10:00 21.9K, 16:00 58.6K

AMRN: Yes borrow, strong 10AM TC, FIDO #27, at endodontist so wasn’t watching, but woulda been

09:25 203, 10:00 10.2K, 16:00 45.1K

APHA: Yes borrow, didn’t watch it, not DD pre-open, FIDO #24

09:25 2.89K, 10:00 10.2K, 16:00 34.3K

SAEX: Tiny borrow pre-open, none during day, wicked short squeeze after 3:30PM

09:25 117, 10:00 2.09K, 16:00 15.2K

CRBP: Small borrow (40K pre-open), too thin (look at 10 / 16 TC)

09:25 253, 10:00 3.48K, 16:00 11.4K

TBLT: No borrow, DD PO, good spots OR but no borrow means no joy

09:25 69, 10:00 7.65K, 16:00 11.3K