Trading Notes -- 20190110 Thursday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Looked like it was going to be a down day, but no, things ended up … finally pulled the plug on IQ, huge loss after pulling stop days ago … ATOS beautiful move to typwav3 but I checked yday notes and had no borrow, that’s why I didn’t play it (woulda been perfect play, argh … well, from chase entry only, couldn’t have gotten any size).

BBBY: Yes borrow, FIDO #15 … no spot

  • 09:25 4.77K, 10:00 40.4K, 16:00 186K

AMRN: Yes borrow, latecomer, FIDO #19, not even 10AM qualifying TC, back from dead

  • 09:25 54, 10:00 5.95K, 16:00 87.7K

INPX: No borrow, good TC into 10AM not so much EOD, woulda been sweet though semi-scary two leg play but no borrow

  • 09:25 888, 10:00 13.4K, 16:00 33.1K

UXIN: Yes borrow, got a good trade despite chase entry at typwavc (half size)

  • 09:25 1.33K, 10:00 6.29K, 16:00 27.5K

NEO: Yes borrow, noticed midday, had borrow so sold some incl chase typwavc, maybe unwise

  • 09:25 3, 10:00 1.14K, 16:00 20.4K

DCIX: No borrow, buyback news yday AH, went super dead, no real spot plus too thin for my size

  • 09:25 1.06K, 10:00 6.71K, 16:00 16.8K

SAEX: No borrow, very tricky won’t die, glad I didn’t have borrow, this thing crushing people

  • 09:25 564, 10:00 4.05K, 16:00 19.5K