Trading Notes -- 20190109 Wednesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Yet another up day … Fed Day … frustrated by some lack of borrows … finally pulled plug on GME, painful but beats staying in pain after breaking rules … took final leg off TOPS

ATOS: No borrow, FIDO #29 … good spots though scary with near pickoff from PO levels

  • 09:25 1.76K, 10:00 14.8K, 16:00 34.5K

SAEX: No borrow, Latecomer not even 10:00TC, was FIDO but crowded out EOD, coulda covered 25x good one

  • 09:25 n/a, 10:00 n/a, 16:00 36.7K

GOGO: Yes borrow

  • 09:25 254, 10:00 11.7K, 16:00 24.0K

CEI: Yes borrow, later disappeared though I was able to get position on in time

  • 09:25 1.05K, 10:00 3.57K, 16:00 11.3K