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Crazy Russian Kids Climb Shun Hing Tower

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That black dagger of a building in the background is the 京基金融中心, Kingkey (Kinky?) Finance Tower or "KK100." The Russian kids are once again taking advantage of Chinese New Year (when no one's around) to pull their stunts.  

Rap Tap on Wood

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From Born to Dance ... 1936 ... original title of the movie was Great Guns. Has one of my favorite verses (so many I love from Cole Porter though):

When ev'ry meal you take
Is made of milk and honey,
When ev'ry stock you stake
Is making mints of money,
When ev'ry heart you break
Is such a cinch, it's funny,
Careful, sonny,
Rap-tap, rap-tap, rap-tap-tap, rap-a-tap-tap....
Ra-ap tap on wood

Other songs in the musical that I enjoy include Love Me, Love My Pekingese ("'Spite of your antipathies") and I've Got You Under My Skin (best version done by old Blue Eyes many years later).

Throw Your Skinny Body Down, Son

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Oh, I can smile about it now 
But at the time it was terrible 

A lyric I often say to myself, now in my dotage. Old Morrissey ripping his shirt as usual ... thank god he had Johnny Marr simply ripping it behind him.

The Wurlitzer Prize

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Another favorite Waylon Jennings' song of mine, covered here by the beautiful and talented Norah Jones and 70-year-old Willie Nelson who, ravaged by time and pot smoke, is unable to recall the lyrics.  The great thing about Waylon's version was the piano, which I was disappointed to see wasn't imitated by Jones, who probably could play that twirling line if she tried. And of course the steel player can't compare to "Moon."

"... for all the silver I let slide down the slot..."

You Got to Call the Green Man

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Wonderful solo by the electric piano man using his tracheal tube. Also, the backing vocalists don't dance like white men. Amy Winehouse was one of the greats, dead at 27.

Sixto Rodriguez -- Like Janis

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A bit disturbed by the news that the young man who made the great documentary, Searching for Sugar Man, has committed suicide.

I bought both of Rodriguez's studio albums, Cold Fact, and Coming from Reality, after watching the movie.  Cold Fact has a lot of good tracks, but my favorite is probably Like Janis, which he sings live (in 2012) below:

"... your selfishness is your cardinal sin."

Jimmy DiResta Makes Bookends

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I love watching Jimmy DiResta make stuff. Here he is free-handing the bandsaw again.  Take note of the shape of the pinkie finger on his left hand.  It met the bandsaw up close one time.  

I first learned about Jimmy DiResta from his TV show "Dirty Money," which is still the best trash-to-cash show I've ever seen.  It ran only one season which proves that the TV gods are not just.