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Trump Victory Bearish for Twitter

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I've been avoiding Twitter like the plague ever since the election, and I assume I'm not alone in doing so. I used to open it religiously first thing in the morning, but now I can't bear to read through my various lists, let alone spend hours (?) scrolling back through hundreds of tweets in classic OCD fashion.

I anticipated The Donald's victory, but that doesn't mean I want to be reminded about the absurdity of it all. Turn off and tune out is the order of the day, I'd say. This may be the thing that finally cures my Twitter addiction, hurray!

Twitter's stock price, as you can see below, has created a very messy chart which has frustrated this simple "trend follower." Despite buying last June, I missed the exit at $25.25 where everyone on Twitter told me they sold, and in fact made only 42 cents from my entry in the end (before commissions and taxes). Now I'm short and losing money (so far). 

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Twitter Pop, 1 Minute View

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Takeover story posted to fake Bloomberg site ... obviously the perpetrators loaded up on call options in advance and dumped them into the "news" ... I have no idea how people think they can get away with this ... it's so easy to track the purchases back to the broker and the individual accounts, crazy, they will all be caught in short order.

Anyway, as a day trader, you would see this and probably buy in ... say you paid $37.50 getting in, you probably would have lost money or a scratch at best, the whole up and down move was done in ten minutes. As always, I'm interested in talking with people who were involved with it in real time. 

Twitter Pop, Two Minute View

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Looking at the two minute chart here since Twitter active after-hours and my $9.99 data feed can only grab 500 bars ... didn't have the scanner running but assume it would have picked this one up.  "Takeover target" rumor supposedly what drove it. Always interested to talk to the day traders who caught it (there are no day traders anymore). 

StockTwits stream from the moment ... yes, once again, there's OpenOutcrier.

Update on Twitter Short

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I pointed out the set-up in Twitter before Christmas, and there was a good spot to get short late in the day on Friday (that's a 5-min. chart below).  Hope some of you caught it.  If it gets to $35 I'll crow about it; if it reverses and races to $40 I'll never mention it again. 

Twitter Back Below $35

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The trend in Twitter is down ... bad since the earnings miss / gap down in October.  This set-up should take it below $35,  but if your stop were above the swing high of $39.25, the risk / reward makes no sense.  For day traders working off very short time frames (3-min., 5-min.) they can make it work. Keep an eye on it. 

Twitter Trend Down Day

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Here's the three minute chart for Twitter ... I see one "obvious" spot to get short just after noon ... interested to know how day traders who were short this played it.  It was liquid enough to draw a very clean chart even down on the one minute, where a short spot appeared a bit earlier (at 11:35 or so).  Drop me a line if you made money shorting this one intraday.