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Ayako Fujitani

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Steven Seagal's daughter, Ayako. 

CORRECTION: We have received word that the beauty below is not Ayako Fujitani, but is in fact a beauty named Mary Elizabeth Winstead. We regret the error. 

Heads of State

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Angela Merkel is visiting Beijing and traffic was more or less shut down on Chang'an Avenue this afternoon to allow her motorcade to pass. I loved this Beijing cabbie's pose as he waited. He's got it all: the wife beater, the gut, the combover, the omnipresent cigarette ... something timeless about him.

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Gratuitous Yowza

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On the old blog I had a feature called the Gratuitous Cute Chick Pic, which proved to drive more traffic than any of my brilliant stock picks.  Her name is Adrianne Ho.  She's Sandrine Holt's little sister; Sandrine caught my eye while playing Gillian Cole in House of Cards.

Schwing Ride

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One of the pleasures of growing up in China is being able to ride rickety contraptions in the park that haven't been reviewed by a group of lawyers.

Loony Bird Spotting

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Every weekday morning I scooter my son to school and then go on to the office.  There are several "regulars" we come across during the morning commute.  I sometimes meet the gentleman below as we both travel west on Chang'an Avenue.  He bikes along erratically and snaps pictures with his cellphone, seemingly at random.  I rode ahead a bit and took a picture of him... taking a picture of me.  It takes one mental health case to spot another.