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NQ Mobile Next Stop in Lows 3s

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Voodoo from that green circled spot puts this in the low 3s, say, $3.15 a share, next stop.  You'd have to go back to 2011 to find someone whose cost basis is lower than the current price ... basically every shareholder here is underwater, many disastrously so ... this means there's no "support."

NQ Mobile Closes at $4.58

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No great surprise to those of us who have been following this stock: NQ Mobile Inc. Announces Changes to its Board of Directors and Provides Status Update of the 2013 Annual Audit. Can't wait to read Frederick Ziegel's next company update. He's an analyst at Topeka Capital Markets who has been bullish on NQ (Buy rating, $33 price target), even after everyone else (Piper Jaffray, Macquarie, Cannacord) wisely suspended coverage.

NQ Mobile New Low Close

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Are you listening to what the market is saying about NQ?  Yes, Muddy Waters'  many reports are badly organized and poorly written, but that doesn't mean they aren't onto something.

NQ Mobile Share Ownership

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Shares Outstanding: 51,013,592

Free Float: 50,324,842

185 Investment Managers hold 34,140,568 shares representing 66.92% of outstanding shares.

22 Brokerage Firms hold 4,812, 990 shares representing 9.43% of outstanding shares.

2 Strategic Entities hold 688,750 shares representing 1.35% of outstanding shares.

Top Ten Investors:

Altimeter Capital Management, LLC hold 12.31% of outstanding shares with 6,277,552 shares (31-Mar-2014)

ChinaRock Capital Management Limited (Sibling) hold 11.51% of outstanding shares with 5,872,351 shares (02-Jun-2014)

Farallon Capital Management, L.L.C. hold 5.51% of outstanding shares with 2,810,931 shares  (30-Apr-2014)

Toro Investment Partners, LP hold 4.44% of outstanding shares with 2,265,793 shares  (31-Jan-2014)

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC hold 3.30% of outstanding shares with 1,683,904 shares  (31-Mar-2014) -- Brokerage Firm

Beijing Century GSR Ventures Management Co., Ltd. hold 3.06% of outstanding shares with 1,563,022 shares  (06-Sep-2013) [Golden Sand River 金沙江]

Kylin Management LLC hold 2.99% of outstanding shares with 1,522,965 shares  (31-Mar-2014) [366 Madison Avenue 16th Floor NYC]

CR Intrinsic Investors, L.L.C. hold 2.62% of outstanding shares with 1,335,855 shares (31-Mar-2014) -- [SAC affiliate]

Oberweis Asset Management, Inc. hold 2.60% of outstanding shares with 1,324,179 shares  (31-Mar-2014)

Susquehanna Financial Group, LLP hold 2.47% of outstanding shares with 1,259,088 shares (31-Mar-2014) -- Brokerage Firm


Top Ten Funds:

DNB Asian Small Cap hold 1.76% of outstanding shares with 897,793 shares (30-Apr-2014)

Oberweis China Opportunities hold 0.94% of outstanding shares with 480,000 shares (31-Mar-2014)

Statens Pensjonsfond Utland hold 0.88% of outstanding shares with 447,568 shares (31-Dec-2013)

PNC International Equity Fund hold 0.77% of outstanding shares with 391,905 shares (30-Apr-2014)

Oberweis Emerging Growth Portfolio hold 0.30% of outstanding shares with 151,800 shares (31-Mar-2014)

PowerShares Golden Dragon China Portfolio hold 0.30% of outstanding shares with 151,335 shares (31-May-2014)

Grandeur Peak International Opportunities Fund hold 0.21% of outstanding shares with 104,666 shares (31-Jan-2014)

Oberweis Micro-Cap Portfolio hold 0.20% of outstanding shares with 102,700 shares (31-Mar-2014)

DNB Global Emerging Markets SRI hold 0.19% of outstanding shares with 96,494 shares (30-Apr-2014)

DNB Fund - China Century hold 0.10% of outstanding shares with 51,672 shares (Apr-2014)


NQ Mobile Inc. Convertible 4% 15/10/18 144A

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NQ Mobile sold convertible bonds just prior to the Muddy Waters report.  Had some ups and downs, currently 72.145.

NQ 4 18/10/15 CVT PUT


S&P 2013/10/16

ISIN: US64118UAA60

COMMON CODE: 098424253

CUSIP: 64118UAA6




Putable, Convertible


Finance - Finance

Fixed:Plain Vanilla Fixed Coupon, 144A

Bond Issued

Issue Description

Domicile of Issuer:Cayman Islands (KY)

Market of Issue:United States

Name of Borrower:--

Domicile of Borrower:--

S&P Industry:Finance - Finance

Program Type:--

Seniority:Senior Unsecured

Private Placement:Yes


ECB Indicator:Not ECB Eligible

Series #:--

Ownership Type:Book Entry

TRFIT US Eligibility Code:144a for QIB

Date Seasoned:--

TRACE Status:TRACE Reportable

Collateral Type:--

Min. Denomination / Increment:1,000.00 / 1,000.00 USD

Convertible Type:Convertible into Equity of the Issuer

Convertible Into:NQ.N


Clearing House:Depository Trust Co

Exchange Listed:


EU Savings Tax Directive:Yes

Withholding Tax:--

Offering Type:Private placement-144A

Solvability Ratio:100

suance Details

Issue Date / Price / Yield:

2013/10/16/ 100/ --

Issue Spread:-- (--)

Original Issue Amount:172,500,000 USD

Total Issue Amount:172,500,000 USD

Total Price to Public:172,500,000 USD

Announcement Date:2013/10/07

Auction Date:--






MORGAN STANLEY & CO LLCJoint Lead Manager--



Principal / Coupon Information

Maturity Date:

2018/10/15 @ 100

Principal / Coupon Currency:USD / USD

Amount Outstanding:172,500,000 USD

%Amount Outstanding / Total Issue Amount:100.0000%

Coupon Type / Frequency:Fixed:Plain Vanilla Fixed Coupon / Semiannually

Current Coupon / Next Pay Date:4.0000 / 2014/10/15

Coupon Formula:--

Dated / First / Final Coupon:

2013/10/16/ 2014/04/15/ 2018/04/15

Irregular Coupon:First


Rating SourceDateRatingWatch Code

Moody's Long-term Issue Credit Rating2013/10/16N/A--

Standard & Poor's2013/10/16N/A--