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Long Set-up in Hassenfeld Brothers

Added on by C. Maoxian.

HAS first lit up the scanner as it 1) gapped up pre-open (on earnings), 2) made a new yearly high at the open, and 3) became unusually active at the open, then at 9:34 AM, and finally at 10:55 AM.  This means I put it on my "idiot wave" watch list, and open the 1-minute, 3-minute, 5-minute, and 15-minute charts on one screen to look for low risk set-ups. 

The unusual activity into 10:55 AM was actually a dip which formed a zig zag on the 3-minute which was playable. A masterful (i.e., lucky) entry could have been $93.75 off of the 1-minute chart, but more realistically entry off of the 3-minute would have been $94.14 with the same stop (below $93.30). Target was $96 and high change so the initial risk/reward was acceptable (not great, just ok, gets the green light).

Now this trade didn't work in the end, it was a scratch, no harm, no foul ... but the important thing is the thinking was good, and from the masterful entry you could take something off and carry the rest into the close with a breakeven stop, something like that. I've been out of the game for long enough to be rusty, but I'm just sharing my thoughts, and am happy to hear yours. 

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