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Quest Diagnostics Pop, 1 Minute View

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I did have the scanner running on Friday ... DGX was #2 on it at 10:29 AM and then went to #1 for many minutes thereafter ... if you were fast enough you could have made some money ... slow and it would have been a scratch ... very slow and you would have lost a bundle. Let me look at the Twitter feed mentioned in this Bloomberg piece:

Quest shares gave up most of their gains within minutes. They were up 6.9 percent to $79.07 at 11:07 a.m. in New York. In his tweet, since removed, Joe Kunkle, known as @OptionsHawk, said Quest had hired Goldman Sachs & Co. after receiving a $95-a-share approach. A Quest spokesman didn’t immediately return messages seeking comment.

Tweet simply conveyed a market rumor, says the author. I'd like to know the time stamp of the deleted tweet ... was it 10:29 AM or earlier?  

StockTwits stream from the time... WallStJesus and OptionRunners both noted unusual activity in calls before my scanner picked up stock movement at 10:29 AM.

Nanex posted a nice chart, as usual ... professional traders need a good data feed like his, $9.99 isn't going to cut it.